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Bolgheri - Castagneto Carducci

Bolgheri is a tiny medieval town, whose history is linked to the long-Gherardesca family. You get there via the famous cypress avenue sung by Carducci in the famous poem "In front of San Guido". The castle tower, whose plant is of the XVI century, is the gateway to the village. The old town retains its old original urban structure, where between alleys, handicraft shops and wine bars, in an atmosphere of times, you can still find the home of the family Carducci.

For birdwatchers, an exceptional destination is the Wildlife Refuge of Bolgheri, built into the system of the WWF, is a wetland of international interest which includes ponds, dunes covered with Mediterranean populated by the typical fauna of the Tuscan coast . The most important center of the area is Castagneto Carducci, a village that has its roots in the distant past that reminds us, like the rest of the nearby area, the Etruscan civilization. Its beginning is documented starting from the Middle Ages and the primary role exercised over time from the family of the Gherardesca, which maintains its privileges here until they take over the rule of Pisa and then to Florence, and until 1749, at which time chestnut is declared autonomous municipality under the name of Castagneto Maritime. Title which will remain until 1907 when, after the death of the poet, is called Carducci in his memory.

The country retains its history with the Castle, the Church of San Lorenzo Propositura incorporated within it and the Church of the Holy Cross. The City has taken since 1995 the title of Literary Park Carducci that promotes and enhances the cultural history that have been inspired poetry. From the town the look captures the slope, the short plain to the sea and the islands; around an agricultural landscape rich in olive groves, vineyards, dense forests of chestnut trees and scrub, dominated southwest from the Tower of Donoratico, ruins of the castle, which according to legend was home to the Count Ugolino della Gherardesca sung by Dante in ' Inferno. Going down to the coast meets Marina di Castagneto, one of the most famous seaside resorts of the coast, which has received the Blue Flag by the European Union.

The beaches alternate plants and a beautiful eighteenth-century Fort, built by the Lorena, as part of a project to strengthen the defense of the coast.

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