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The northeastern area: from Tempio Pausania to Olbia.

This territorial unit, mostly mountainous, with some of the highest peaks of the island, includes almost all the historical regions of Monte Acuto and Gallura, typical hilly rows, interrupted by granite massifs, seemingly harsh and imperturbable, and characterized by formed natural sculptures of unusual shapes due to the impact of atmospheric phenomena, which gives the region a certain originality, mixing in some areas to forest planting of oak and Mediterranean forest trees. Today Gallura is a territory of Sardinia with the highest concentration of tourist structures, many of which stand out in the foreground of the international level, it is the first passenger port in the Mediterranean Sea (Olbia) and a modern, functional airport (Costa Smeralda Olbia) in first place on private flights. Today Gallura is a territory of Sardinia with the highest concentration of tourist resourses, many of which stand out in the foreground of the international level. It is the first passenger port in the Mediterranean Sea (Olbia) and a modern functional airport (Costa Smeralda Olbia) which takes the first place in private flights. All the coastal provinces are equipped with tourist marinas, turning these shores in the preferred place of the recreational navigation. All this is the result of development and modernization of infrastructure and settlements, which helped to give importance to the traditional economy, it is still associated with the culture of agriculture and livestock, mining and processing of granite, exported around the world, processing cork trees for the production of high quality corks for special wines and products of the prestigious value. The southern part of the territory, from Lake Coghinas up to the city of Olbia, includes the most important centers of Oschiri, Berchidda and Monti, down to the foot of Mount Limbara, and it presents a variety of cultural and landscape interest. On the territory of Oschiri, known primarily for its "panadas" – a bread tartlet with meat and spices there are another important natural areas, stretching along the banks of Lake Coghinas, such as an old Episcopal Church N. Signora di Castro in the Roman style. Berchidda is the city of jazz and Monti is the capital of Vermentino, they both are the centers of crucial importance: the former is the place where the annual International Festival of Culture and Music "Time in Jazz" takes place near the main building of the Museum of Wine Enoteca -Regional Sardinia, which presents objects of culture and wine production , in a cellar of which it is possible to meet and taste the most prestigious products of the wine production of the island; the latter offers a variety of local folklore events connected with the wine traditions, but primarily connected with Cantina Sociale - a place of some of the production of exclusive wines under the DOCG label. Tempio Pausania City is located at the entrance of Gallura and at the foot of Mount Limbara, with its forests and snow capped mountains, characterized by rich mountain landscapes, where you can find some of the features of the regional trade, as processing of granite and cork. Tempio and Addzhius also have springs of crystal clear water (with very cold temperature), the Parco delle Fonti di Rinaggiu is a town with unusual architecture, especially its historic center, where artistic talent of local workers in the use of granite as a building material is expressed. Arzachena is the main tourist center of the territory, the most important on the Costa Smeralda, which has also archaeologically important places like dolmen Albucciu, tombs of the giants Li Lolghi and CodduVecchiu, Malchittu sacred area and the necropolis Li Muri. Santa Teresa Gallura is one of the most important tourist centers in the north of Sardinia, opposite Corsica, which is separated by the Strait of Bocche di Bonifacio. The area is dotted with beaches and sandy coves, frequently visited and has an environmental value recognized by Legambiente, it extends to the highest point of the granite promontory of Capo Testa. Finally, Olbia is an old Terranova Pausania, which is known from the times of settlement of ancient human “nuragic”, with exhibits ranging from the sacred well of Sa Testa to remnants of the Roman era, collected in the National Archaeological Museum, as evidence of the Middle Ages, such as the Romanesque basilica of S. Simplicio. Bright lively city, the sea entrance of Gallura and tourist centers of the Costa Smeralda, it is well served by the port and the airport, has amazing skills in the production of ceramics, food and wine production of cantina Mancini.

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Vertourmer 2.0

Vertourmer 2.0

The second edition del progetto di cooperazione territoriale transfrontaliera Ver.Tour.Mer, finanziato dal P.O. Italia -Francia Marittimo 2007-2013 della Comunita Europea, si caratterizza per la forte componente di innovazione tecnologica, volta ad allargare lórizzonte del marketing territoriale attraverso lútilizzo di tecnologie informatiche innovative che valorizzino la produzione delle eccellenze dei territori, non solo vitivinicole ma anche eno-gastronomiche.


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