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Cap Corse

Capo Corso (or Capicorsu, in French - Cap Corse) – is a peninsula, located in the northeast of Corsica. The geographical and cultural characteristics of places in the region contribute to its characteristic defined as "an island inside the island". Cap Corse stretches to the north of the border of Bastia - Saint Florent. This peninsula is 40 km lengthwise from north to south and from 10 to 15 km in width. The ridge - Serra - stretches along the peninsula, starting with the greenhouse plantations Pignu (960 m) in the north, to Mount Castellu (540 m) in the south. The top point Follicie is 1322 m. in height, but there are other peaks higher than 1 000 meters, such as Mount Stello. The coast is uneven and precipitous in some places, it has only a few small beaches at the bottom of the bay. The relief of the Ligurian coast is much steeper than the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the inner road length of about 110 km from Bastia in San Fiorenzo, it reveals a panorama of Tuscany and Liguria, Tuscan Archipelago, which are clearly visible on clear days. You can also see a lot of Genoese towers built to protect from the Saracens attacks.

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Vertourmer 2.0

Vertourmer 2.0

The second edition del progetto di cooperazione territoriale transfrontaliera Ver.Tour.Mer, finanziato dal P.O. Italia -Francia Marittimo 2007-2013 della Comunita Europea, si caratterizza per la forte componente di innovazione tecnologica, volta ad allargare lórizzonte del marketing territoriale attraverso lútilizzo di tecnologie informatiche innovative che valorizzino la produzione delle eccellenze dei territori, non solo vitivinicole ma anche eno-gastronomiche.


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